Hot Springs in BC

Hot Springs


BC hot springs are some of the most spectacular in the world. In terms of sheer number and variety, BC hot springs have something for every kind of getaway. Soak up natural beauty in geothermal pools on a sparkling mountains vista or by a raging ocean in the middle of winter. Some BC hot springs have been developed into five star luxury resorts with cultivated pools, while others can only be reached by boating or hiking in. Choose your BC hot spring by what else you want to see and do – surf, snowboard, hike, shop, or simply relax in the vista of your choice.

In an age where hot water comes at the turn of a tap, discover the healing power that has always been associated with places on the earth where hot water burbles up from deep underground. Vitality and health are found in the water, in the air and in the sheer beauty of British Columbia.

BC hot springs invite you to share their never-ending supply of warmth, whether in style at a luxury resort, or deep in the wilderness; whether you prefer to travel by plane or by kayak. Experience the magic.

Escape to Harrison Hot Springs with the Executive Hotel

Escape to beautiful Harrison Hot Springs and spend the weekend at The Executive Hotel. Enjoy our great Weekend Getaway package and Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate

  • 2 Nights Standard Accommodations
  • Dinner for 2 in the Harrison Room
  • Full American-style Breakfast - 2 mornings
  • From $ 269.00 per couple
Luxury Accommodations on the Springs Golf Course in Radium Hot Springs

Enjoy all of the amenities, recreation and relaxation available in and around the Village of Radium as well as Kootenay National Park and the Beautiful Canadian Rockies! 
Choose from several of our convenient packages…Ski, Snowmobile, Hot Springs, Golf or Spa…the choice is yours! 

• Special Promotional offer stay 3 Nights at Bighorn Meadows Resort and Only Pay for 2!

More Hot Spring Accommodations:

Spa Resort BC
Renew your body and soul with a spa vacation in beautiful British Columbia. Come where the very air rejuvenates your cells and the water replenishes your spirit.